I was really hoping I’d find some fallout from the newly released Michelin ratings for the San Francisco Bay Area. People are getting pretty het up about the whole thing.

The San Francisco Chronicle says, “OMG they just don’t get us. We’re better than New York!”

“I’m disappointed by not getting two stars,” said La Folie’s Roland Passot, who has a four-star rating from The Chronicle but got just one from Michelin. “I was not expecting to get three stars, but I was hoping to get two. I don’t know how they judged.

“Some of the one-stars have no tablecloths and people waiting in line outside. I know we’re better than those restaurants,” Passot said.

The Chronicle’s restaurant reviewer says, “The French Laundry is TOO GOOD.”

Maybe we should blame it on the French Laundry. I wonder if our restaurants are being handicapped because it’s much better than any of the other restaurants here and the three stars in New York, including Per Se.

eGulleteers weigh in with mixed reactions.

I’ll bite. After living in San Francisco for a number of years, I was eagerly awaiting the announcement, and to be honest, it left me extremely apathetic to the whole thing. I don’t mean to discredit those who have earned their stars (and congrats go out to you!) but the whole Michelin Guide seems to me at least, to be a bit lost here in America.

But for the ultimate explosion, we turn to Joy at Confessions of a Restaurant Whore.

All I can say is: What the fuck?

I have been waiting for this announcement with the anticipation of a virgin on prom night. Sadly, like the aforementioned, I have ended up with nothing but the disappointing knowledge that the real thing can never live up to the fantasy.

Range, an excellent restaurant, is totally worthy of it’s one star, but why then why no Delfina? Why no Zuni? And how do you put Range and The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton in the same category? The Ritz should have two at least, in my opinion. They are making some bad ass yums over there. And Bushi-tei? Really? Because I just don’t see it, folks.

Don’t even get me started on Michael Mina’s two stars. I just about puked on my keyboard reading that shit.

Fabulously over-the-top. I love it.

ETA: I forgot to check Yelp. They’ve got a big thread about it. It basically comes down to, “Michelin sucks, and our reviews here at Yelp are much better!”

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