Grr. You know what makes me mad? Er, one of the things? Establishments that overcharge on single-serving sodas. I went to Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels today for lunch because I really like their egg salad (no celery, hooray!). An egg salad bagel is $3.25 (including tax). I decided to eat there and grabbed a Diet Coke. The total came to $5.42. I was all “Huh?” at the cashier, because dude, $2.19 for a twelve ounce can of soda is INSANE. Apparently that was right, though. So I went without soda.

The end. Good story, Sarah.

I made a cake this weekend. It’s based on the legendary Chocolate Blackout Cake from Ebinger’s Bakery in Brooklyn. It was pretty decent. Cakes are not really my strong suit, but I keep trying! I’ll post the recipe later today.

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