Has anyone seen Ronzoni Oven Ready Lasagna no-boil noodles lately? I’m trying to find them before Sunday. I’ve been to Albertson’s, Safeway, PW Market, and Whole Foods and NO PLACE HAS THEM. It’s super-frustrating. I really like the taste and texture of those noodles! I’ll try Nob Hill tomorrow, and if they don’t have them, I give up. I’ll use… I don’t know, some other brand.

So my lasagna on Sunday may have a subpar texture. But it will have awesome ricotta. I went to Whole Foods and got some of their fresh stuff- it is incredibly tasty. I had no idea that simple ricotta could taste so good!

I’m high-temp roasting some cauliflower right now. I was at Kumud Grocery yesterday and the heads were selling for 99 cents apiece. I couldn’t resist. Instead of separating it into florets, I cut it into wedges. We’ll see if that’s better or worse.

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