R☆ and I made Bailey’s Irish Cream-flavored ice cream last night (this recipe [with some extra added vanilla] from Ice Cream Ireland). It’s a custard-style ice cream with eggs that needed tempering and such. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m hoping for goodness.

This ice cream recipe intrigues me. R☆ doesn’t think it sounds good. We bought a quart of cream, though, we’ll have to do something with it. Ooh, I should find something to do with my amazing Michigan dried cherries! Maybe something like this. Cherries, rum, and pepper… oh man, that sounds REALLY good. Oh yes, before I forget, J or Barbara May, can one of you send me your cayenne chocolate ice cream recipe?

(Not sure why I’m so gung-ho on ice cream when it’s the coldest it’s ever been in northern California.)

Zed and I went to Ramen Halu on Saturday night. It has gotten some really good reviews on places like Yelp and Chowhound and is touted as having the best ramen in the south bay. I was not impressed. The broth was highly uninteresting. We both agreed that we prefer Maru Ichi in Mountain View. I should give Ryowa another try. I liked the ramen at their Berkeley location, but the MV one was meh.

I bought a very cute party dress on Sunday. It is entirely too cute.

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