I tried the Bailey’s ice cream last night, and it was quite tasty. First there was a pretty strong hit of vanilla (I used my new double strength vanilla from Penzey’s, a Christmas present from J and Barbara May), and then the Bailey’s came across in the aftertaste. Mild, as R☆ mentioned in the comments, but very nice and smooth. It’s a pretty soft ice cream because of the alcohol. I think if I were to make this again, I might try a nonalcoholic vanilla extract (I know it exists, I think I’ve seen it at Trader Joe’s) or soak a vanilla bean in the Bailey’s.

I’m always freaked out about tempering eggs. I’m so afraid I’m going to scramble them. In the past, I’ve probably erred on the side of not cooking them thoroughly enough. However, the custard base thickened properly, so I guess I did it right this time.

Recipe follows.

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