Zed made three kinds of pesto on Sunday. The first is like pesto butter. We’ve just been smearing it on bread. It’s very nice. There’s one with roasted red peppers and one normal one. He got pretty frustrated with the blender when he was making it. He was shoving skewers into the bottom to try and dislodge stuck basil. I thought he was going to electrocute himself or something.

Last night was D&D. Kaya got killed again. So sad. Stupid dwarven waraxes and their x3 criticals. The party got her reincarnated. She came back as a Lizardfolk. So now she’s a pretty hideous reptilian humanoid… but! She got a lot of nice perks with the body swap, the best of which was a +5 natural armor bonus. R☆ pointed out that that’s like I saved over 50,000 gold pieces (what an amulet of natural armor +5 would cost). So I guess it’s not too bad? Also, the +2 strength and constitution is nice. Even though she went down a level, Kaya has more hit points than before.

Blogger made me upgrade my blog. That annoyed me. But I guess it didn’t change anything, so that’s good. I was worried that since I have some special customizations (thanks Barbara May!) that aren’t part of the standard Blogger/Blogspot templates, everything would get screwed up somehow.

If you’re a LiveJournal user and want this blog on your friends page, click here. Rosy set up an LJ RSS feed thingy for me.

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