Man, Wondercon was so much fun. I brought two costumes with me- Mandy (from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) and HIM (from The Powerpuff Girls). I was amused that I was portraying two faces of EVIL at the con.

I made Mandy last year for Fanime. She was super-mega cheap, because I used leftover material from my Katamari costumes. The only thing I bought specifically for it was a seventy-nine cent black headband. The dress was the first thing I ever sewed by myself. It is not so good, unfortunately. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I hate the material I used (quilting flannel), because it wrinkles badly. And I screwed up the flower on her dress- it’s supposed to have five petals, not six. I brought Mandy to Wondercon because Maxwell Atoms, the creator of the show, was appearing. My friend TeapotGirl and I went to his panel, and she accompanied me afterwards to get his autograph and take pictures. The Cartoon Network people gave me a bit of swag for dressing up. Yay!

HIM was an entirely new costume. He’s my favorite villain from The Powerpuff Girls. I actually used the same basic pattern for his dress as I did for Mandy’s. My sewing skills actually have somewhat improved over the last eight months, because this dress looks much, much better. It’s also made out of flannel, but it’s way less wrinkly. The tights on my arms and legs are recycled from my first Katamari costume, Kuro. I used a feather boa that Barbara May had given me years ago as part of the invitation to her bachelorette party. The belt buckle is made out of a cheap wooden picture frame painted gold. The wig isn’t really a wig, it’s felt hand-sewn to a wig cap (and god, what a pain that was). The lobster claws are plush. They’re not quite as big as I would have liked, so I may remake them, but they were so hard to do that I may just decide to be happy with them.

Yes, yes, enough talking, you want to see pictures.

Here’s a shot of my scary Mandy eyebrows, and here are two with Maxwell Atoms. He was really cool. I’m going to frame the autograph I got because a) I’m a huge dork and b) it’s actually a really awesome piece of artwork- it’s a tarot card of Mandy as the Magician.

And here’s HIM! More pics of HIM will be coming later, but this is the best one I’ve gotten so far.

I know I’ve just been talking about my costumes, but my friends were also in costume, and man, their work blows mine out of the water. They had a fantastic Avatar: The Last Airbender group, as well as Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Danny Phantom, and The Fairly Oddparents. This weekend was full of incredible costumes and so much fun!

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