No cooking for Sarah. Bad Sarah.

Jer, Zed, and I tried Potsticker King on Friday. Apart from some weirdness with our waiter, who would not let me order the Sweet Rice Sausage and instead made me get the Sticky Rice Cone, it was pretty decent.

I was going to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival up in San Francisco yesterday to meet up with Lydia and check out the cosplay events. But I couldn’t find anyone to carpool with, and last year I drove up, spent about an hour failing to find parking, and drove back home, annoyed beyond belief. So I skipped it. Instead, I biked up to Mountain View and had a giant burrito at Los Charros, more than negating any good effect the biking may have done for me. Tasty!

Then I went with R☆ and Zed to Chili’s for dinner. My salad was lamer than usual (not much lettuce but a ton of croutons), but our waiter kept up with my Diet Coke consumption like a pro. So thank you, Peter from the Cupertino Chili’s.

I started a new costume on Saturday. I need to make a dress and a shrug, plus some accessories. It’s been pretty tough so far, but hopefully I’ll have something done by the end of the week.

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