I had an interview in Menlo Park this morning (it went okay), and afterward I took the opportunity (since I’m not often in Menlo these days) to check out the new Penzey’s Spices store that opened last year. It was pretty sweet! I had a coupon for a free jar of ground black pepper, which I used mostly to get a free spice jar. I figure I’ll use what I can over the next month or two, pitch the rest, and then fill it up with something else. I have many spices sitting in plastic bags.

Barbara May and J bought me a jar of Mexican vanilla extract from Penzey’s a few years ago. It was, bar none, the best vanilla I’ve ever tasted/smelled/used. They stopped carrying it a while back, I guess because the crop had shrunk or something. So I was all a-woe and went back to Madagascar/Tahitian vanilla. BUT! Apparently, although they don’t say they carry it in their catalogs or on their website, they DO have it in their physical stores! I was so incredibly excited to see it (almost as much as that time I was at Baja Fresh and they had switched from Pepsi to Coke products). So I ended up buying the Mexican vanilla, some chili powder, the Pasta Sprinkle I like, and the free pepper.

The store’s really cute, too. Go visit!

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