Sewing FAIL

I must have the world’s pointiest knees. That is, I assume, the only reason I wreck sheets within a year of purchase. Of course, since I am also a packrat, I keep said ruined sheets. Yesterday I took one out to use as scrap fabric to attempt to make a pattern for an upcoming costume. Afterward, I started looking at the sheet and came to the conclusion that it would make good pajama pants. The elastic in one of my pairs has been failing lately, and I like having extra comfy pants.

The last time I made comfy pants, I used a harem pant pattern and simply didn’t add elastic to the ankles. These pants are HUGE. This time I decided to use a slightly more fitted pattern with a two-piece leg. I French seam them because they’ll be going in the wash a lot, and I wanted them to hold up as well as possible. So I cut and press and sew and press and sew and press. Then I put the one leg inside the other so I can sew the crotch. And… fail. I’ve sewn two left legs.

This would not have happened if I had just used a one-piece leg pattern! Argh. So now I’m faced with a couple choices. Do I rip out the seams (all four of them) and resew? Or do I make two right legs and end up with two pairs of comfy pants? I’m leaning towards the second option. However, I don’t have enough material left to make the right legs. What I do have is another sheet I ripped a hole into. I think I may end up making what are basically the world’s dullest Harlequin pants. Cream and taupe.

I’ll take another look at them when I get home and make a decision. I hate when I screw up simple things like this. Frustrating.

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