Well, there goes the week

I went to a A Dance With Dragons release party last night at a local independent bookshop. It was reasonably well-attended, I think there were like 50 people there. Snacks and wine for free, but I did not partake (it was already difficult staying up until midnight). There was a sort-of pub quiz thing, and sadly, while I did not win a copy of the book, I came in second or third and received a little stuffed dragon. Even though I misspelled “Rhaegal.”

I called myself “Team Yay Sansa.” With the broadcast of A Game of Thrones on HBO, I’ve been hearing a ton of Sansa hate, and while she is written specifically to be hard to like in the first book, she’s grown a lot since then. So I thought I’d throw her some love.

I’m heading off to San Diego Comic-Con next week. I am VERY excited. This will be my fifth year attending, and my fourth year participating in the masquerade. I still have a decent amount of work left to do on my costume, and hopefully this book won’t impede that too much!

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