Sox Trot

[image: eleven pairs of Sox Trot socks]
[image: eleven pairs of Sox Trot socks]

It’s not news that I love socks. One of my favorite brands is Sox Trot. They specialize in equestrian socks. Now, I am no horsewoman, but wow these make the best trouser socks. They stay up amazingly well, and their prints are so bright and fun!

(oof, that’s a bit pink-heavy)

When I first started getting into fun socks (apparently in 2007, according to my email history), one of the first pairs I bought was from Sox Trot. I think that of that first shopping trip, they are the only ones that still exist in my collection—where I’ve put my heels are a bit stretched but they haven’t developed holes yet or lost their elasticity. (I was going to say the heels are stretched out a bit, but they’re not a formed heel like knit socks, they’re tube style.)

I dig their stripey styles a lot. Because the designs are printed on and not woven in, sometimes you get a discrepancy on the sides where the patterns meet. With the stripes (vertical and horizontal), you don’t run into that as an issue. But like the polka dot pair in the top pic? The pattern matches on one side of the leg, but not on the other. Kind of frustrating.

They don’t sell to buyers directly, so you have to find a retailer. These days I tend to buy them from Sox Plus whenever they have a sale. Sox Plus generally has a great selection of their patterns. (One of the nifty things about the Sox Trot brand is that they put out a couple catalogs a year with new prints. It’s great, because they’re always changing it up, but it does mean that you might miss out on some designs if you do decide to wait for a sale.) The Joy of Socks also carries them, at better prices but less selection. I wish Sock Dreams sold them, as they are a fabulous sock site, but I emailed and they said they had no plans to carry them. Drat.

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