A Farewell to Plants

Picked my first tomato of the year! A 6.5oz Big Beef.

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Ah, the heady days of… apparently June 14th. Today I said goodbye to a few plants, including the Beef Beef Tomato plant that gave me the beautiful fruit above. Ever since the weekend rains, its leaves had just gotten limper and limper. There were still a few green tomatoes left on the plant, I picked them in the hope that they’ll turn green on the countertop (or I’ll just pickle them).

Similarly, the shiso plants Lydia had given me. During my trip they had gone to seed, so when I got back I plucked all the flowers. I am guessing this was not the correct thing to do, as they immediately just started shedding leaves everywhere. Some neighborhood animal decided to eat them and promptly puked them up, so I figured it was time for all of that to go. That was an unfun cleaning experience.

The tomatoes in the pots are still kicking—barely. I think it’s about time for them to move on as well. There’s still so much fruit on them, though. I keep waiting for them to finish, but they seem determined to make it until first frost.

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