Future Garden (aka SEEDS!)

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A few months ago, an internet friend I like to refer to as the New Jersey Tomato Girl alerted me to a seed sale at the Hudson Valley Seed Library. I bought the six packets you see up there, and then I told Lydia about it. She bought… well, let’s just say a bunch more. So then we had a cocktail evening and divvied up our bounties. I now have way, way more seeds than space, which is why I’m thinking about submitting an application to join the community garden in my town for next year.

Paul Robeson
Ping Pong
Cosmonaut Volkov
Fox Cherry
Prudens Purple
Japanese Black Trifele
Cherokee Purple
Black Cherry (saved from this year)
Sunset Falls (saved from this year)
some green and red striped tomato we got at the farmer’s market and I saved some seeds from because they were good

Hinkelhatz Hot (New Jersey Tomato Girl says these are fabulous)
Doe Hill
Lilac Bell (saved from this year)

Cherry Bell
Easter Egg (so cute!)
French Breakfast

National Pickling Cucumber (I have already had delicious pickle success with these!)
Harris Model Parsnip
Scarlet Ohno Revival Turnip
Field Peas
Garlic Chives
Butternut Squash (I saved a few of these the last time I roasted the seeds—no they’re not pumpkin seeds but it’s basically the same)

Seriously, where am I going to put all of these? I mean, I’m thinking about how much space my TWO cucumber plants have taken.

It is pretty glorious to imagine all those tomatoes, though.

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