Damn @zarkmabaro for introducing me to these; they're addictive as hell. #borrelnootjes

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Zed introduced me to these little nuggets of trashy goodness. The Google Translate version of the Dutch Wikipedia page tells me that translates (inexactly) as “drink nuts.” They are peanuts coated with a crunchy layer of grain, flavored in various ways. They’re often served at bars; they’re very salty and go well with beer. I brought back several bags from the Netherlands.

What does “Poesta” mean? Wiki tells me that the English translation is “Puszta” and it’s a region in Hungary. I thought the illustration on the bag was of onion and cilantro, but maybe it’s garlic? They tasted like they’d been coated in a ramen flavor packet, basically.

Oh, I found a site that carries a Puszta Pepper spice blend. “A typically Hungarian spice mixture with freshly grounded paprika, caraway, a whiff of garlic and onion.” Okay, I can get on board with that.

I saw Lydia this weekend, and we chomped our way through a bag of “Bacon Kaas” flavor—bacon and cheese. This taste was not as successful, I thought. It was certainly unique, though. You got mostly the cheese flavor, until you inhaled and got a wisp of bacon smokiness. It was bizarre.

These are the others flavors I brought back, they will be finding their ways to various parties where I hopefully not be noticed shamefully scarfing.

[image: two bags of boorelnootjes]
[image: two bags of boorelnootjes]

I thought I had a hookup to replace these when they’re gone, but apparently the Dutch specialty shop in San Jose closed last year. Drat. But according to their Yelp page, they sold a loooooot of expired products, so perhaps that’s for the best.