Reusable Shopping Bags

Where I live, we’ve been moved off plastic shopping bags onto reusables. I think this is pretty great, because I have cool bags.

The two large bags in the background I got at Comic-Con. Anchor Bay Entertainment has bucked the trend of SUPER GIANT BAG giveaways in favor of shopping bags that you can use all year. Which means you advertise for them all year. Which is a genius idea on their part. I’m not a fan of the giant bags, honestly. I know they’re a Comic-Con tradition, but they’re just too big and unwieldy. They’re impossible to use in a practical sense. So yes, reusable bags! The Spartacus/Walking Dead season 2 bag is from 2012, and the Black Sails/Walking Dead season 5 bag is from this year. They’ve changed the handle from fabric to… whatever the rest of the bag is made out of. Whatever it is, it’s more uncomfortable to hold than the fabric. But it probably holds up better? I have to assume there’s a reason they changed it.

The two bags in front are ones I keep in my purse, since they collapse into adorable cuteness. The bunny bag was a gift from my friend Jeff, who got it in Japan like ten years ago. I enjoy the fact that it’s pink and says “GREEN BAG.” The strawberry bag I picked up recently at a dollar store in Amsterdam. cute cute cute!

(Yeah, it’s kind of annoying not to have plastic bags around to line my bathroom trash cans anymore, but whatever, I’m over it.)