Awesome. Many thanks to my dear SIL for setting this up for me. (She’ll get a name when I think of something appropriately punny.) This was a gift for my 24th birthday, which is tomorrow.

I realize that the name of this blog refers to slow cooking methods, but I’m not going to be limited by that. Especially because the most recent thing I made was cookies (yesterday). Currently, I am keen on baking, since I have a curse I’m trying to break- I’ve inherited inability to bake from both sides of my family. Here is the recipe for the cookies I made. Four out of five people liked them. I think the batter for these is really tasty, and they’re really quite easy to make if you have a stand mixer. I’ve made them once with a mixer and once without, and both times they turned out well, although creaming by hand is a little tiring.

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