Happy Birthday to Me!

Yay. I’m 24 today. Not feeling great about where I am in life, but that’s not what you all are here for, so on with the food.

I hung out with my brother tonight. We made pizza. I had gotten him a pizza stone and peel for Christmas, and tonight was their christening. We used Alton Brown’s dough recipe. When I’ve used his technique in the past, it has worked well. Tonight, however, it was kind of disastrous. I was bereft of stand mixer and food processor, so I kneaded by hand, and apparently, it wasn’t for long enough. There were many problems with dough ripping. I eventually said, “I’m using a rolling pin, to hell with AB.”

I have to say, although we made a right mess, the pizzas turned out really well. The tomato sauce used was a spicy sausage-mushroom sauce of my brother’s devising, along with some pepperoni, mozzerella cheese, fresh basil, olive oil, and salt. Yummy. I usually don’t put that many toppings on my pizza, but it was damn tasty.

After dinner, we played ping-pong (21-15, he won) and video games (Ratchet & Clank Going Commando and SSX 3), and watched some food programming (Good Eats and Molto Mario) while noshing on cookies (the gialetti from yesterday) and ice cream (Dreamery Coney Island Waffle Cone).

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