“In Tuscany, it is considered the wine of good reception and courtesy.”

On my last trip to Italy (November 2003, I’ll be posting the diary of it eventually), I enjoyed a good deal of Vin Santo. It’s this wonderful dessert wine usually served with biscotti. Kind of tastes like raisins. I bought some today at Beverages and More, one bottle for my brother, one bottle for me. BevMo is the only place I’ve seen it sold at a reasonable price. At Whole Foods they were asking $60. At Gene’s Fine Foods they were asking $30. Although I am sure those are of a higher quality, I am perfectly fine with my $10 bottle.

While J. and I were watching Molto Mario last night, they served a sibling of Vin Santo, which got us a-hankering. I think there are a lot of similar raisin-y wines in Italy with different names according to what region from which they hail.

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