First off, a sentence to pacify my mother. Yes, I threw out the chicken.

The story:

So, tonight I was going to make something with the rest of the chicken I made on the 28th, possibly a pasta sauce with crimini mushrooms and boursin cheese. However, when I brought this up to my mother, she refused to let me go through with it, seeing as the chicken was a week and a half old and was never fully cooked. So I came around to realizing that I really didn’t want to chance the food poisoning and got rid of it. Damn it. I should have more of a schedule for my leftovers. I hate throwing away food.

Onward! Last night Jon, Ryan, and I drove over to my parents house for a seder. Our seders are such fun. I sang the four questions for the first time and only screwed up a little. My mother made an excellent meal- matzoh ball soup, braised short ribs, mashed potatoes, and haricot vert. Mm. I have got to get back into braising again- love that collagen!

Tonight for dinner, I ate the rest of the macaroni and cheese. It’s much less soupy as leftovers; it cooled into a solid shape. However, when I reheated it, it separated. It’s not really a problem, but I thought you’d like to know. I think next time I have a craving for homemade mac & cheese, I’m going to try Alton Brown’s stovetop recipe.

To conclude, I hate Food Network. Why? More Sandra Lee. Damn you.

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