Ah, matzoh. Very tasty with butter or made into grilled cheese. Matzoh’s one of those weird things that would normally taste horrible, but during Passover, it almost seems like a treat. Any other time of the year, I would be thinking, “A cracker version of Tuscan bread. Now why would I want to eat that?”

(Before you all get on my case, I’d like to say that I’m only Jewishish. Our family, we love the holidays and their ritual pomp and circumstance, but we don’t take it all that seriously. I describe our seders as “the story, the songs, and the snark.” I’ve tried not eating leavened items for Passover- it’s really hard! You’ll never catch me doing the whole Atkins thing.)

I’m at a loss for what to make for dinner. I’ve got all this food purloined from my parents (well, not so much purloined as much as they were going away and needed J. and I to take their perishables). I could make a twice-baked potato. But that’ll take over an hour and I’m munchy now. Hm.

(ETA: I steamed some eggs and made egg salad. Yum.)

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