Man, it’s cold in the office today. I think someone turned up the AC just to spite me.

Props to Sara for linking to me yesterday. She quintupled my hits.

So, do you want to hear how I screwed something up? Of course you do! Well, I decided to make the Maneschewitz mix matzoh ball soup last night. I added some carrots, celery, onion, and parsely to make it a little more substantial. (The celery was kind of a mistake. I didn’t like the final texture.) So I’m supposed to add two and a half quarts of water. I know my parents add more than that since it’s WAY salty. I also have a box of broth open in my refrigerator. So I figure I’ll use the three cups of broth I have (pretty salty on its own) and to that add three quarts of water. Somewhere along the way, I got pints and quarts mixed up.

Cutting the story short, I made salt soup. Mmmm.

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