I’m making a bunch of hors d’oevres for tomorrow. Family and friends are coming over to my place before we go out for dinner.

If, in response to the recipe below, you think “Liver? EW,” then I feel sorry for you. I love the damn things. Ever since I was in Italy and tasted fegatini, I cannot get enough of them. I made several batches before figuring out a good recipe. The first try was just kind of bland, with a lingering bitterness (I didn’t think to add a pinch of sugar). My second attempt had sherry and lemon zest, and it just tasted wrong. On the third attempt, I didn’t get rid of enough of the liquid before putting it into the food processor, and I ended up with liver soup (it was tasty, but the consistency was gross). I think this is what I came up with on my fourth try. I started making this about two years ago, but I haven’t written it down until now. (I’m glad this blog has made me do so.)

I’ll be posting the other recipes and commentaries as I make them.

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