First of all, an apology to my mother. I did not properly credit her with the recipe for the Thai Roll-ups. She started making these years ago, and they are a lovely appetizer. The only difficult thing about them is julienning all the vegetables. And possibly finding the rice papers and saifun, depending on your location. I tried to fry up a couple of leftover ones in a regular pan- what a mistake that was! A nonstick pan is a must if you’re going to go that route. Those papers will stick to ANYTHING.

I need to start using the food in my freezer. I think it’s at critical mass, thanks to some stuff I bought this week. I don’t think I’m going to be able to fit anything else in there- I have it very carefully arranged for maximum space usage. I inventoried. I think I’m going to make stracciatella for lunch tomorrow. It’ll use up a container of stock. I’ve started wrapping new purchases in foil to prevent freezer burn (and zip-top freezer bags to stop smells, but I’d already been doing that), because I have some food that is looking nast-ee. I may have to throw out some ground beef. The other stuff that looks burned (some beef short ribs and lamb), I think I can make for me, but I won’t serve it to a guest.

Jon bought the Cook’s Illustrated book The Best Recipe. I looked through it a bit when I was over yesterday. That’s a cool book. I have a feeling I will be consulting it a lot. Maybe I’ll just add it to my Amazon wish list. Or pick up a copy next time I’m over at Costco.

I bought a frozen entree at Trader Joe’s the other day. (I was hungry and lazy.) Chicken Masala. It was actually pretty good.

“Parsley” is a hard word for me. There are probably some recipes on this site that ask for “parsely” in them. Yes, I’m dumb.

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