Dear lord! I’m watching Paula Deen (my first time watching her show, I think). She’s making a Krispy Kreme bread pudding… I think I might be sick. Two dozen Krispy Kremes, chopped up. Sweetened condensed milk. Fruit cocktail with juice. Holy crap, that’s going to be so damn sweet. Also, it’s kind of an expensive recipe. Paula herself seems kind of insane.

I’m trying the biscuits again. I just took them out of the oven. I hope they’re good. I had a brilliant idea, which I may have stolen from a Cook’s Illustrated magazine. In order to make the cutting in of fat easier, I froze a stick of butter along with my Microplane rasp. I kept them in the freezer for a half hour or an hour, and then I grated the butter into the flour. This way the butter was in tiny, tiny pieces, ready to be integrated into the flour. Pity I couldn’t do that with the shortening. I added a little less buttermilk and a little extra baking powder and salt to the dough- we’ll see if that was a mistake. I also cut the biscuits a little smaller than yesterday.

Over the weekend, Rob and I went to dinner with Val and Grant. Val is Rob’s former coworker and my former classmate from high school, and Grant is Val’s husband and Rob’s former roommate. We went to Cascal, a tapas bar in Mountain View. We sat in the bar area, because otherwise it would have taken us over an hour to get a table. What fun we had! Tapas is my kind of meal- endless little appetizers.

Anyway, I’m bringing Rob fried chicken and biscuits tonight for D&D to say thanks. And it means I can try a new recipe. I’ll post it if/when I get it right.

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