Well, salsa wins for this week, because I don’t have any tahini. I may stop by Cost Plus on my way to D&D tomorrow night to buy some.

I’ve been trying to make good salsa for a while now. In today’s attempt, I finally wrote down what I was doing. It didn’t turn out outrageously hot, for a change. I tried to limit my use of the chile peppers. Usually when I make salsa, I have to add a can or two of tomatoes because it’s so freaking hot. Seriously. My first try (about a year ago, if memory serves me right) used ten jalapenos and a quarter cup of chipotle/adobo puree. That was ridiculous.

I am not sure what I think of this yet. It needs to get chilled completely. I think I may have made it too sweet, somehow.

Shameless plug! Casa Sanchez makes wonderful chips. I recommend the thick ones. Their salsa is also pretty damn good. Very fresh tasting. I like the Hot Salsa Roja and the Garlic Salsa. I don’t know if Casa Sanchez markets their products outside of the SF Bay Area.

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