So, I went to Cost Plus yesterday to buy the aforementioned tahini. I couldn’t find it. I was annoyed. I asked the cashier about it. However, I had forgotten what tahini was actually made out of, so I said, “It’s a nut or seed paste that you use to make hummus.” She then told me that they only have it around the holidays. Because nothing says Christmas like hummus. I think she was thinking I meant marzipan. Which they did have. (And, ew.)

I brought biscuits to D&D last night. People seemed to like them (even though they were baked twice because I pulled them too soon when I first baked them and they were kind of raw in the middle). Huzzah! I brought my salsa as well, although I think only Rob and I ate it. Everyone else focused more on the Casa Sanchez Hot Salsa Roja, which I can understand, because it’s better.

Also, we killed a golem.

I’ve been eating out a lot this week. For lunch on Tuesday, Mom and I went to Bangkok Bay. She had pad thai; I had spicy chicken with basil. I really liked mine. They were not kidding on the spicy, which is really quite nice. A lot of restaurants say “spicy” when all they mean is “not bland.”

That evening Mom, Dad, and I went out to Cafe Vida, one of Menlo Park’s many French restaurants. We split a couple of appetizers- a plate of assorted charcuterie, and some scallops in a fresh tomato sauce. For our main courses, Dad had coq au vin, Mom had mussels, and I had boudin noir with apples. I thought this had been my first experience with blood sausage, but I was wrong. There was some on one of the tapas plates we had at Cascal a few weeks ago. I have to say- boudin noir was not the weird experience I was expecting. (Well, neither was pigeon, but I enjoyed them both thoroughly.) Natural casings- a lot of snap in the bite. Beautiful color. The sausage filling was soft and kind of crumbly. It was like… you know how in England, if you get anything made with ground beef, it’s a much finer grind than in America? Minced beef, perhaps. It was kind of like that.

On Wednesday, Rob came over and we went out for pizza and beer. Yum. I’m a fan. Last Friday we went to the Tied House in Mountain View, a local brew pub. Rob had catfish, and I had an elk burger. My first time eating elk! (Needed salt.)

Last Saturday, Rob and I and a bunch of friends went out for Thai food at King of Krung Siam. I would warn people away from the Angry Chicken- it’s not as interesting as it sounds. The rest of what we got (and we ordered quite a bit of food) was very tasty. Especially the duck. Mm. Afterwards, we went to the movies and saw The Stepford Wives. It was funny, but there were too many plot holes. Also, was it REALLY necessary to change the ending that much?

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