I’m posting the recipes below for posterity’s sake. I do not recommend you make them.

First of all, there is WAY too much garlic in the salsa. I ate some last night, and I can still taste it this morning. It’s like I forgot it was going to be raw. I’d cut it back to two cloves, like in my other recipes. Secondly, Roma tomatoes are not the right choice for this. In the prior recipes, I was using those little tomatoes you get on the vine. I decided to experiment. I was wrong.

On to the hummus. I switched lemon juices (yes, I haven’t been using fresh squeezed, and yes, I know I should), and I think the new one is more bitter. The cayenne was a mistake; I should have stuck with the red pepper flakes from No. 2. I don’t know. I’ll try again next week.

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