Oh, the temptation. I just stopped by Marshall’s and they had a lot of new Le Creuset stuff in. It took strength not to buy the same Dutch oven my brother has (except in blue). $100? What a steal. However, I justified my not buying it by saying, “It’s at Marshall’s, so there’s probably something slightly imperfect. I live relatively close to a Le Creuset outlet; why not just wait and buy a pristine one there? You know, after I get a jorb?”

(I’m supposed to be hearing back about a jorb either today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed!)

Fennel seeds are only mildly successful at getting rid of garlic breath. Parsley works much better.

Ryan had a garage sale on Saturday, along with friends Sara and Marcella. I am totally inspired to get rid of my old stuff. That being said, I did take some of their stuff away. šŸ™‚ I got a D&D manual, some mixing bowls, and a PDA. For free. I borrowed Rob’s Game Boy a week ago, and while Ryan, Sara, Marcella, and I were sitting around talking after the sale, Sara knitted me a Game Boy cozy. It’s adorable. She’s been making iPod and PDA jackets.

We haven’t played D&D in a couple of weeks. I miss it.

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