The Television Without Pity forums are currently down. I’m feeling bereft of snark, and the Food Network boards aren’t as good at the funny anti-Sandra-ness. They’re more into vitriol over there.

I made another of her “recipes” on Sunday- the Oriental Pork Wrappers. I don’t think she knows that most of America has eschewed the “Oriental” moniker. Anyway, the reason I chose these was because Jon wanted me to use up some aging pork sausage while he was away. I should have remembered from the episode (or perhaps just used common sense, because this IS Sandra we’re talking about here) that it was recommended that you use Jimmy Dean’s Sausages.

They were okay. Working with the wonton wrappers was a bit time-consuming, but on the whole, it was a decent recipe. I don’t know WHY you would use the JD sausage; it’s more expensive and has all those yummy chemicals in it. So, if you ever decide to make this recipe, use real pork sausage.

My main problem with actually making these recipes has been the cost. It is very expensive to cook this way! Since I had wonton wrappers (fairly cheap, $1.50 for a lot), I thought maybe I’d try the horrible-looking Crab Ravioli. Between the canned crabmeat, ricotta cheese, powdered sauce mix, and milk (I only had access to soy milk), it would have cost around ten dollars. That’s more than I want to spend on something with a high probability of ending up in the garbage.

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