I didn’t make anything today. However, I did go to the airport to meet one of my nearest and dearest from college. Welcome back to California, Ys.

And, bonus! I get to go back to the airport tomorrow! Jon and Ryan are returning from their gallivanting. Good times.

I was watching The Amazing Race tonight, and the roadblock where they had to eat two pounds of caviar? Awesome. When I see stuff like that, I say, “Oh, gross, I have to try that.” In my TAR dream team of my dad and me, I imagine we’d fight over who’d get to do it, not who’d get to avoid it. (We’d never get chosen, though. He’s too good with foreign languages. Also, we’ve been overseas. A bunch.) I wonder if they allow you to bring sleeping pills. A 20-hour bus trip followed by a plane from Buenos Aires to St. Petersburg. That’s rough. I’m sure there must be some people in the race who find it nearly impossible to fall asleep in planes, cars, trains, or buses.

Awesome! We’re playing D&D tomorrow night! I want to kill things!

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