D&D Notes

(You’re all so excited, I can tell.)

In case you’re curious, our party was comprised of:

Mynnyd, a dwarven barbarian,

Cooper, a human fighter/ranger/devoted defender,

Merreck, a human illusionist with a penchant for dragons (his familiar is a wee red dragon named Kethend),

Joanna, a human cleric of Durann (formerly a paladin of Tiphaneron- she lied and lost her powers),

Sagittarius, a pointy-eared human (he’s been surgically altered) bard/rogue/ranger/archane archer, and

Phaedra, a human sorceress (I’m not sure if she’s anything else- I only played two sessions with her before her player became DM)

Why do I say “was”? Well, we wrapped up our latest campaign last week, and our DM (Phaedra when a PC) left the area for a while. So we switched DMs (Sagittarius) and now have to get used to a party of four instead of five.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is for me to say that I’m terribly sorry, Joanna, for getting you killed. It did not occur to Mynnyd that the red dragon or its rider might actually want to talk to us. He’s more of the “shoot first and ask questions later” type of guy. (We did kill the dragon eventually, but the rider escaped.)

This does present some problems, though, since we just lost the person we were counting on to heal us. Damn! Here’s hoping the DM decides to be nice and allow her to return on the Astral Plane (where we are) instead of the Ethereal Plane or back in Manifest.

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