I made some excellent salsa yesterday. Really, I think it’s my best yet. At least in terms of the cooked salsa. I was so sure it was only going to be “meh” that I didn’t really pay attention to what I was putting in it. Damn it!

The main thing I did differently was that I used lemon juice instead of lime. I wonder if that simple switch was what made the difference. I used ReaLemon, not noticing that Ryan had bought about twelve limes earlier in the day. Perhaps not seeing three feet in front of me made this salsa excellent. Woo for myopia, I suppose.

Ryan’s garden is going gangbusters. I used some of her chile peppers in the salsa. She planted four different kinds- jalapenos, serranos, Thai dragons, and what was named on the tag as “Super Chiles,” or words to that effect. I wanted to use them all in the salsa, but the serrano and Super Chiles got incinerated beyond help during the roasting phase. It’s probably a good thing, because otherwise it might have been too hot to eat.

Jon and Ryan have crazy mad herbs. The best ones seem to be the mint, basil, and oregano. The only herbs that are not living up to their end of the bargain are the dill and cilantro. Apparently, if the soil in which these are planted gets too hot, they start bolting. On the other hand, soon we’ll have coriander.

I’ll try and reconstruct the salsa recipe. I was not going for texture in this, so I just whizzed it up in the food processor until smooth.

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