This past weekend was quite fun and full. However, I didn’t cook a single thing. Unless you count toasting a bagel.

After work on Friday, I went up to San Francisco to meet with some Television Without Pity people. (Stop freaking out, Mom, they were quite normal.) We went to the Pig and Whistle, a quite excellent little English pub. We sort of watched Bush and Kerry posture about, but the sound wasn’t loud enough for us to hear. Mainly we talked about… well, television. And also that a majority of us worked in biotech- in fact, two of the people there worked at the same company, just on different floors. Small world and whatnot. Andyway, if I lived in the city, I think I’d want to frequent that bar. Pool table, dart board, fairly cheap beer, an excellent selection on tap, and some very excellent looking bangers and mash. Keckler was not on hand, sadly, but the five of us had a grand old time. I think. I hope. Well, I did, at any rate.

Also this weekend was a trek to the parents’ house for closet-cleaning. Woo! That was… tiring. I had a LOT of old prom dresses. And a lot of random papers that I don’t know why I was keeping. We made piles in the garage of stuff to throw out and stuff to give away. We probably could have gotten a decent yard sale together with some of that stuff, but it was just too much hassle.

I defrosted a chicken. I’ll do something with that tonight. And Jon, if you didn’t cook yours last night, you should cook it tonight. (We had a mixup where two chickens were defrosted- it was totally my fault.)

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