Well, that… sort of worked.

I roasted a chicken last night (whole bird, variations on this recipe). I wanted to make it without going to the store, so that meant no little potatoes. What I ended up doing was this:

I didn’t have any sage, so I finely minced some rosemary. And I only had dried thyme. Whatever, the butter was still good. During the first fifteen minutes of roasting, I melted the leftover butter in a pan and added a cup of rice, which I cooked slowly until glossy, then removed from the heat. After the first fifteen minutes of roasting, I added half a cup of water and half a cup of white wine to the roasting pan so the drippings wouldn’t get burnt. During the next fifteen minutes, I defrosted a small container of French onion soup that my brother had made about a month ago (I was bringing it into work for lunch, but we kept having barbeques), and mixed that in with the rice. I also added what was left of the bottle of wine- probably an eighth of a cup. When I flipped the chicken over, I spread the rice mixture in the bottom of the roasting pan, lowered the heat as per the recipe, and cooked for another thirty-five minutes.

Okay. Chicken drippings make everything better. I wish I could just buy chicken drippings, because I only ate a leg last night. The rice was fantastic! However, I need to adjust some things, because it was stil vaguely crunchy in places. It was really, really good, if you could forgive that. And I could.

This’ll probably never work in exactly the same way again, though- how often am I going to have Jon’s French onion soup just sitting around in my freezer? I’m happy, though, that I was able to create something really, really good with what I already had.

I brought the rest of the rice and the other leg for lunch today. I’m really looking forward to it.

D&D tonight! I am predicting DEATH for Mynnyd!

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