I forgot something from last weekend. I made the cheese bread again! And wow, what a difference a parchment sling makes. Getting it out of the pan was so very easy, compared to the first time. I don’t know why Cook’s Illustrated didn’t recommend that procedure. I mean, they make everything else needlessly complicated, why not add a step that’s actually useful?

I ended up making the variation with bacon, onion, and gruyere. And it was quite tasty. They’re right, the flavor does improve as it sits, so be patient. I also used twice as much salt and cayenne. I bought some premium bacon- Nieman Ranch- and it, while very tasty, was not as salty as we have come to think of bacon. So that’s why I added more. And the cayenne? The CI folks sometimes can be wusses when it comes to heat.

I bought ingredients for Jonsauce. Woo. I’m so not keen on anything right now.

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