“Sarah, what the hell is going on with your blog?” Well, I find myself bereft of both time and enthusiasm lately. I get home from work and I just want to sit on my couch. It’s kind of sad. I miss sleeping in, going to several stores to gather ingredients, and cooking things that take ridiculous amounts of time.

I’m making one of those things today. It’s not done yet, so I can’t say whether it’s good or not, but recipes that start out with “Render the fat from four ounces of salt pork and two ounces of bacon” are A-OK to me. I’m in hour three of some Boston Baked Beans. And as soon as Ryan finishes making her soup, I’m going to make pasta e fagioli. Good times. I’m surpisingly not excited about it all. I think my spark is temporarily gone. Er, I hope only temporarily.

Apparently my last cheese bread had some raw bits in the middle. EW. That makes me very sad.

Soon, my top page isn’t going to have any recipes on it. I should recifty that situation.

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