I think maybe I’ll make something with lentils today.

Well, the adrenaline did not wear off before my alarm went off. I was kind of not happy on Thursday. I’m thinking about baking the firemen cookies. And my neighbor who helped out (assuming I can remember which apartment he came out of). That night, however, after a fabulous meal at Jon and Ryan’s, I came home and made cheese. Sort of a cottage cheese/ricotta hybrid. I’ve been interested in homemade cheese making since I bought an Indian cookbook- it calls for its use in a lot of dishes, both savory and sweet. However, the method they describe uses nonpasteurized milk, which I don’t think I can get unless I know a cow. So, after some googling, I ended up here. This is a fun site. Making the beginner recipe wasreally interesting- the vinegar really works quickly separating the milk into curds! Assuming I can find rennet tablets and mesophilic starters somewhere, I’m going to continue on this cheese path. We’ll see.

Pumpkinfest was last night. I really like the pumpkin I made. I used this design from Extreme Pumpkins, and then I painted black around it so it would be easily visible during the day, too. It’s all part of my endeavors to be the worst Halloween person ever. I’m planning on baking cookies for this, too. Very disturbing for parents. Hee!

I’ve got a little list… bank, Sigona’s, Jon’s, laundry, cookies, video games, possibly lentils, and a costume party. I’m even more lazy than I was last year, when I threw on a bathrobe, grabbed a towel, and went as Arthur Dent. I’ve got a toque and an apron- I’ll just go as a cook. The only question is whether the CCA apron or the Braisin’ Hussy apron.

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