So, if you can’t see the comments, try looking at them in another browser. For me, they’re not showing up in Firefox, but they are in IE. Bizarre.

I got to sleep sometime between 10 and 11pm last night. Which means I have to take the Tea of Insanity this afternoon/evening if I want to make it through the D&D session. Tea of Insanity is Guayaki Yerba Mate, which contains, like, a pound of caffine per cup. Since I plan on being crazy later, I need to be calm now. So, until then, I am drinking the Tea of Soothing Calmliness. I like the flavor of licorice- I know many people don’t. Jon, Ryan, and I all really like this herbal tea. My mom, on the other hand, can’t stand the way it smells.

I’ve started defrosting some short ribs that I bought AGES ago. I figure I’ll use them in the other thing I want to make, Beef Carbonnade, which I forgot to mention yesterday. There was a recipe in the new Cook’s Illustrated. It looks easy. I am wondering if I can brown the onions and beef in a pot and then transfer everything to a slow-cooker for braising. I think that’s a valid option.

I’m $195 poorer today, but at least my car’s registered.

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