Savoy cabbage. Not Napa cabbage. Anyway.

There are a lot of things I want to make. My supervisor is ill, so my brain immediately jumped to SOUP today. That could be seen as too much of a suck-up move, though, so I probably won’t. Although roasting a chicken sounds good- especially if I do the rice thing again (crap, but I don’t have any onion soup- I wonder if Jon’s got any still in his freezer). I want to make the smothered pork chops from America’s Test Kitchen (ohhh, the gravy is so good- and I don’t like gravy in general). I want to make a sour cherry cobbler (also from ATK). I want to make tortillas and these very cool looking butter cookies with a garnish of salt (San Jose Mercury News from a couple weeks ago). I want to make baked beans again (ATK).

However, I’m extremely paranoid about driving at the moment, so no store for me. I got pulled over yesterday for an expired registration. I have very good luck. But if it hadn’t happened then, I still wouldn’t have seen it, and it just would have been until the next officer noticed. So m’dad and I are going to the DMV today hopefully to sort things out.

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