Gr, Tim Goodman’s latest article doesn’t sound too promising for House. But he says Hugh Laurie is very good, and really, that’s the only reason I was planning on watching it.

Holy crap, Arrested Development is funny. I mean, I really enjoyed it last year, and I bought the DVDs (although I haven’t had time to watch them yet, unfortunatley), but the two episodes so far this season have had me laughing out loud with tears in the corners of my eyes.

Kenny wanted me to explain why Veronica Mars is worth my time. I am not good at explaining things. The main character is likeable and the Twin Peaks-ish mystery is intriguing. The voiceovers are much less annoying than on Desperate Housewives (which I also watch and enjoy, but don’t think is quite as good a show). I also find the mystery more intriguing. Plus, Kenny, Veronica dressed up as a Japanese schoolgirl in the episode “The Wrath of Con.” She wore the cute tie and everything. Which should be a reason for you to watch, if only for that particular episode. I’d recommend the recaps over at Television Without Pity, if you want to learn more.

I have a recipe half-copied, saved in draft. It will get finished! I started it on Saturday, so it will be showing up below this post, when I get done with it.

So yeah, that’s now up. 🙂

We got a dishwasher at work. Yay for me not washing stuff by hand anymore. However… I cannot get the damned thing to work. Seriously. I don’t know what my brain damage is that I can’t figure out this thing. It fills up with water, and then it stops. I’ve tried, like, eight times. I’ve read the manual, visited the website. Asko dishwashers? I wouldn’t waste my money.

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