Oh, man. When our D&D session last night hit about 11:30pm, the Cranky Pants were on. My apologies to everyone in our group. I was a big, big jerk. So tired. I was just so… not into the game.

Cooper did some hard-core dying last night. He got negative levels from wraiths and the like until he was undead. So Mynnyd, my character, shot him full of arrows until he died again. And then we found a cleric and got him raisied. We owe a LOT of money to the temple of Duran. This was in the battle where I got no negative levels, made all my fortitude and will saves, and only lost, like, eight hit points. I did get my comeuppance later, though. We ran into some ichor-dripping mummy zombie things. Mynnyd got hit a few times, failed his saves, and ended up losing six points of constitution. Ee. Seventy-one hit points gone in a VERY short amount of time. I did, however, forget about my dwarf’s +2 to saves against poison, which meant I would have made the first save that knocked me down by five constitution points. I think our DM (Jer) is deciding whether I can retroactively not lose those points. The last DM, Cam, wouldn’t have let me, I don’t think.

Stupid undead. Anyway.

I brought some of my carbonnade for dinner last night. It spilled a little in the car. ANNOYING.

I set my VCR last night but forgot to turn my Tivo to standby, so I didn’t tape House. ANNOYING.

I’m making soup tonight.

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