So, check it out. I made flour tortillas and they didn’t suck! They were a little salty- I made a half recipe, but used the full recipe’s amount of salt. And maybe I didn’t roll them quite thin enough- they were a little more like naan than my not-naan was. But I’d totally make them again.

So, I went out to dinner last night down in Mountain View, and I wasn’t blown away. We went to Frankie, Johnny, and Luigi, Too! and I have to say, meh. I got veal parmesan, and it was only random. It came with a side of spaghetti in a watery and uninspiring sauce (that had bell peppers in it- ugh to me) and boiled spinach (not my favorite, but could have been cooked in a tastier way). Some people got garlic bread with their meals, and I tried it- weird metallic/chemically aftertaste. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food, so maybe I just picked wrong, but I? I would not go there again.

Because it cannot be said enough: these cookies rock. Man, I just love them. Slightly overcooked and with an extra dash of salt… wow. They’re so good! I know I’m a freak for liking my chocolate chip cookies thin and crispy, but if that means I can keep these to myself, so much the better.

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