I had a very bizarre dream last night. It was 1995, and the city I was in was under attack by Godzilla and Mothra. The population was scared but not panicking, even though we were going to have to sacrifice a lot of people to Godzilla for some reason. I was one of those chosen to get eaten, and he was picking me up to eat me when I decided I wanted to die in a classier manner. I ended up being coated in bread crumbs and wrapped in a huge flank steak- essentially, a human-stuffed braciole. So I got eaten, but apparently he didn’t chew (a pity, I bet that would have been tasty), because after some darkness, I was out and alive again. And not gross from like Godzilla poop or anything. I couldn’t find anyone, and no phone numbers worked except for 911. I got the county dispatch, and she told me it was now 1998 and my city had been completely wiped out.

Good dream, Sarah.

I went to BookBuyers on Saturday and picked up a Dungeon Masters Guide for 11.95, which isn’t a great price, but it’s a decent one. Considering that’s the only money I’ve spent on D&D stuff so far, it’s pretty good. Dennis gave me his Player’s Guide for free, and I found my brother’s old dice when we were cleaning out closets.

Game on for tonight. Here’s hoping Cooper doesn’t die. AGAIN. He’s died (I think) three times since I’ve started playing.

Homemade tortillas are good. Put lots of salt in them. I make a half recipe with the full recipe’s salt amount. (When I didn’t, they ended up tasting more like matzoh than tortillas, and yes, I know I’ve mentioned this before.) Mm!

Man, it’s cold.

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