You know what sucks? Having a nightly habit of waking up at 4:30am, worrying. Usually, it’s about people breaking into my apartment, at which point, I get up and turn on the light over the dining room table. Last night, it was carbon monoxide. Since the dumb incident, I haven’t been using my heater at night. (Or really, much at all.) We’re in the middle of a cold snap over here in California (and yes, I can feel your tears, East-coasters), and I’ve been loading up on comforters and sleepwear to keep warm. Anyway, I wake up, think about turning the heater on, listen to my upstairs neighbors argue (seriously, people, at 4:30am?), get a headache, wonder if I’m suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, consider airing out my apartment, decide against it because apparently I’d rather be dead than cold, move my carbon monoxide detector into my room, spend the next fifteen minutes wondering if the detector even works, and then decide that my headache’s because my damn neighbors are arguing at 4:30am. I go back to sleep. I wake up, not dead.

Speaking of not dead- and how pathetic is that for a segue- no one died last night in D&D. Er, no players died. We killed some stuff. Phaedra returned to us. I have a feeling Mynnyd shouldn’t really trust her, because he only knew her for a couple of days, and the next time he saw her, it was actually a succubus impersonating her. So, Phaedra’s disguised herself while in town because people think she’s a demon. The party doesn’t, but I think Mynnyd shouldn’t be entirely believing Phaedra’s really herself. Of course, Mynnyd’s also only slightly smarter than a rock, so he may well believe she’s who she says she is.

Stupid Trader Joe’s hasn’t had refried beans these last two Tuesdays. I wanted to make some Spicy Bean Dip quickly for the session. I did make it, but it’s not really quick when you have to go to two stores.

Ryan made damn tasty spiced peppery pecans last weekend. They were really good. The recipe was from the Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating. I want to make them and, like, bring them into work. Because if they are in my home, I will make myself sick on them. So good.

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