Last night’s D&D session was fun. And hard. And hilarious. Mynnyd came really damn close to dying. His hit points are 100 normally, 126 when raging. I was raging and down to 13 hit points before I killed the damn thing. If I hadn’t been hasted, I would have died when I lost my 26 temporary rage hit points. Thankfully, because of the haste, I had extra time and was able to pull a potion and get my health back to 1 before my turn ended. And thanks to the other players who told me that once you kill an undead creature, it’s dead, no need to coup de grace on it. Which is what I wanted to do, but then I would have been dead-dead-dead.

Oh, and who’s dead-dead-dead? Yeah, that’s right, everyone but Mynnyd and Cooper. We finished the area of our campaign dealing with the undead menace in Manifest, but then we decided to check out the rest of the crypt we were in. Phaedra was felled by a dread wraith which had a tendency to remain hidden in walls with 9/10 cover. She tried to fool it by playing dead when she was merely almost dead, but it had the ability to sense a creature’s life force, so no dice. We were all fooled, though- she’s an excellent actress. Then it killed her, she turned into a wraith, and Mynnyd had to kill her. Hee! That’s two of our party members who have been turned and Myn’s had to kill. Then, we found a secret chamber with a chest in it. Sagittarius said “I’m going to go check the chest for traps,” and we all walked into the room. However, the chest wasn’t trapped, the room was. It was a cry of the banshee or something, and Sagittarius and Merreck failed their fortitude saves and died. It was pretty funny. I would have been PISSED, though, if after all that we had fought, I died because of a failed fort save.

We had four encounters tonight- the first with the mummy lord that nearly killed Mynnyd, two other mummies, and a summoned girallon; the second with an atropal scion that resembled a huge naked fetus with Tyrannosaurus arms (which, thankfully, we killed fast, because it had gaze of slay living which would have finished us off quickly in a few rounds [and, in fact, hit Mynnyd once and did a crapload of damage]); a huge hulking corpse guarding a pool of water; and the dread wraith and Phaedrawraith.

I think it’s time for us to level, Jer.

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