I bought some plain yogurt the other day at Trader Joe’s. It’s not as tangy as I’d like (I guess I prefer the Greek kind- it’s über creamy and tangy), so I decided to make yogurt cheese, using a colander, bowl, and two layers of paper towels. Now I have to figure out something to do with the cheese. I’m thinking some sort of dip or spread to serve tomorrow night as an appetizer before we go out to dinner for my mom’s birthday. Maybe I’ll go over to Jon’s and swipe some of his pesto. That’d probably taste good mixed in.

Made Jonsauce last night. Woo.

My car is riding awfully low today (just using hyperbole, Dad, don’t panic). Last night I went to visit Sara at St. Ned’s. Her friend, Peggy, was trying to get rid of a bunch of cookbooks so she could have shelf space to fill up with… well, newer and better ones, I guess. Anyway, wow. I have a crapload of new books. Including The Inn at Little Washington Cookbook! It doesn’t have the soup recipe Aunt Peggy gave me in it, but it’s got a lot of other good-looking food.

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