I think spiced nuts may become the new salsa/hummus/biscuits. I tried another recipe last night. I’m not going to post it, because it was not good. Using Old Bay for Cajun seasoning was the mistake- the pecans had the unpleasant aftertaste of celery seed. It was a big goof on my part. I should have investigated “Cajun seasoning” online. My bad. Thankfully (I guess), I only wasted a half pound of pecan pieces on the recipe.

Oh, dude. That’s my hair. The smell of cumin and Old Bay has been bugging me since last night, and it’s IN MY HAIR. Ugh. I’m showering as soon as I get home.

Bud and Eddie’s Holiday Hoo-hah was this weekend. It was much fun. The best snacky food item there was, in my opinion, a bread-cheese-butter combination deep-fried. I mean, seriously, how can that not be good? Only way for it to be better would be to add bacon. Other things there… sangria and punch, risotto muffins, tiny meat pies in puff pastry (I think). Oh, and cheesecake thingies- those were really good.

Gingerbreadfest is next weekend. I need to find something appropriately salty to offset our diabetic comas.

I need to make something, period, because I’m not going to have a recipe on the top page soon. Most recently, I made the not-good pecans, Jonsauce (already posted), and chicken soup (already posted, although I make it different every time). At last count, I was up to 67 recipes posted. Some of those were just cribbed off of Food Network’s site, but I figure those are offset by the times I simply linked to them (not counted in the total). Maybe I’ll do something when I hit 100. Maybe I’ll have a party, like Ryan and Leigh did for their 100th review.

Last weekend, I spent Sunday over at Lydia’s. We went out for an excellent brunch at La Note in Berkeley. She had an omelette, I had eggs scrambled with goat cheese on toast. Later, we watched episodes three and four of Yakitate!! as well as some episodes of Card Captor Sakura. It was a day of much cute.

On Friday, the family went out to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We went to the Oak City Bar and Grill and had a fabulous meal. Mom and Dad got the scallops, I got the pork porterhouse, Ryan got the salmon, and Jon got the pork tenderloin special. It was a fantastic meal, but I have to ask, what is up with waiters not writing down your order anymore? It’s so friggin’ annoying! Our waiter must have come back to our table twice to make sure everything was right when, if he had written it out in the first place, he would have known. Seriously, I don’t think you’re less of a person if you can’t memorize five orders on the spot!

I think I’ve covered everything that’s been nagging me to write about.

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