I went to go see The House of Flying Daggers last night with Jer, after dinner with Jon and Ryan and her family. What a goofy movie. And wow, is Romantic Lead Guy beautiful. Just… yeah. That movie brought the pretty. I thought Hero was better, personally, in terms of music and cinamatography and pretty-fu (er, to describe the choreographed fighting scenes rather than the actors).

I have been busy every night this week. I’m kind of exhausted. Tomorrow, I’m heading over to my parents’ house, and my mom and I are going to make tons of hors d’oeuvres for dinner. That’s our Christmas Eve tradition. Christmas breakfast is bagels and lox, and Christmas dinner is lasagna, although this year we’re going to have a more traditional dinner over at Jon and Ryan’s with both our families. The lasagna dinner will be on Boxing Day.

Which reminds me, I need to go buy not only things for tomorrow’s dinner, but broccoli, Velveeta, and Ritz crackers for the Death By Broccoli, and green beans, mushrooms, and almonds for… well, green beans. Damn it, and the lasagna makings! Argh, that’s so many stores! Whatever, I’ll buy my produce at Safeway, not Sigona’s. And I thought I was going to have time tonight to clean off the Tivo. Ha! I’ll have to set up the mirror to reflect it into the kitchen while I work. Crap, and my kitchen’s a mess.

Dumb holidays.

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