Woo! New year. My resolution is to blog more this year than last year, which won’t be very hard, considering I have an extra three and a half months. I made stock today, as well as a couple of loaves of white bread. Yes, there are more interesting breads out there, but I’m new to that area of baking and decided to start out simple. They are currently baking. I am very excited to try them- I hope they don’t suck.

I’ve been spending my free time over at Jon’s so I can play video games. Katamari Damacy, more accurately. I had been planning to try and beat Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal in a week, but I put in the Damacy disk and it’s just stayed there. What a hellishly fun game. It’s not hard to beat, but it’s got excellent replay value, at least in my opinion. My moon’s 845 meters in diameter (The King was extremely happy), and I suck at the constellations where you have to pick up the biggest one of anything (Ursa Major and Taurus). So fun! I am really looking forward to seeing Lydia’s costume for the Prince of the Cosmos.

Oh! I feel it! I feel the cosmos! The timer has gone off, and I need to go take my bread out of the oven.

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